10 Places to Find Free Coupons & Save Money

Want to enter the exciting world of extreme couponing but not sure where to start? The best way is to start with the coupons themselves. Here is a list of the top 10 places to find coupons.


Image of a mailbox with coupons stuffed in it.Flyers such as Red Plum and Shoppers Source regularly mail out coupon booklets. Although most coupons that are used are for groceries or household goods, there are a number of coupons to be found in the mail for larger items. If you’re looking to do repairs on your house or purchase big-ticket items, be on the lookout for coupons that may come in the mail.

Online Resources

The internet has a lot of useless information, but among all the junk, there is some beneficial material. Certain coupon websites, such as coupons.com, smartsource.com and redplum.com offer printable coupons. Brands are divided among these websites so there is little overlap. Check back each month for new updates.

Magazine Coupons

While magazine subscriptions are in decline, if you still have magazines mailed to you, pay attention for special coupons that they may contain. Home-oriented magazines such as All You and Women’s Day have coupons geared for savvy shoppers.

In-Store Offers

While most coupons need to be found ahead of time, there are still some available in-store only. Usually these coupons can be found at the front of the store. While it may seem annoying to be surprised by savings, there are also now Facebook groups that will share this information online. Check for a local group to help you prepare your shopping list in advance. 


Coupons in newspapersMost towns still deliver local newspapers and before putting them directly into the recycling bin, take a minute to sift through their contents. Here you will find local advertisements that not only tell you the deals of the week but offer special coupons as well. Pay special attention around holidays when grocery stores vie for big-spending shoppers.

Mobile Coupons

Apps have become the lifeblood of cell phones and retailers have become aware of this. To this end, most major shoppers, including Target, have developed apps that contain mobile coupons. There is no more need to cut and store coupons. Instead, check off an electronic list of coupons that you want to use and simply present or scan your phone at the checkout. Mobile coupons are especially great for younger clientele that spend most of their time on their phones.

Manufacturer Coupons

While the majority of coupons come from stores themselves, there are still some to be had by manufacturers. These are often found on brand name websites and as a bonus, can often be combined with in-store sales. If you love a product and want to save money on it in the future, try writing directly to the manufacturer. To promote band loyalty, they will often send you coupons for future purchases.

Rewards Programs

Most major retailers have rewards programs. While all of the loyalty cards can take up quite a bit of room in your wallet, the heft is worth it. Rewards programs not only accumulate points which can be redeemed for merchandise or even cash, but they can also provide coupons. Do a bit of research to see which loyalty program has the best reward system and try to focus your shopping there.

Bounce-Back Coupons

To entice shoppers to come back in the future, many retailers offer bounce-back coupons. They are often in the form of cash that can only be redeemed at a later date. They are usually given out after a minimum purchase amount has be spent.

Friends and Family

Some people like free Starbucks coffee. Others are in denial. If you have a friend that regularly recycles desirable coupons, ask them to set them aside for you. Coupons with a long expiration date are great for items you want to stock up on.